Pegah Kavousi is an Iranian American illustrator, and graphic designer who captures the essence of living an empowering life against all odds. She emigrated from Iran, where she received a scholarship from the Alzahra University, a well-renowned university for its extensive art and design program.
A self-driven and community engager, Pegah enjoys creating awareness on social issues through her digital illustrations. Her volunteer work with the education group at Save the Water™ portrays her passion for connecting people through a shared community outreach initiative. Her usage of illustration intertwined with infographics has educated the younger generation in identifying how water pollution and the contamination of our irrigation system have a direct impact on our health and the environment
Her campaign for social change has sparked world-wide recognition as an innovative up and coming female artist. Her passion project “We Can Do It” pays tribute to healthcare workers and our eternal gratitude for their service in battling the 2020 worldwide pandemic. Her iconic piece was showcased around the world and is now housed in the Library of Congress to be appreciated for generations to come.   
As an independent contractor, Pegah funnels creative media initiatives for political organizations, campaigns, and various social brands. Her work with the communications team during her time at the City of Alexandria local government, was crucial in minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In mobilizing the multi-channel campaign, Pegah worked on various projects to stop the spread of the virus by disseminating masking kits and encouraging both social and behavior change within the community. The mass production of flyers, banners, and other informative content were imperative to the safety of all the citizens residing in the City of Alexandria. 
She is an inspiration to her friends, family, and followers as she continues to spark meaningful conversations and change through her artwork. Pegah’s growth as an artist is fueled by those who feel the same social responsibility to unite and create a better future.
Her work has been featured in articles about poster design and in organizations focused on education and advocacy on national issues social channels such as Move on  Swing Left

Experience highlights 
• Worked with Joint Information System team at City of Alexandria on enhancing the creative design and branding for the City’s public health campaigns. Alexandria, Virginia
Designer and illustrator, Volunteer, Save the Water™
• Developed graphics to support various public relation missions. Created logo designs and branding for campaigns at American Bridge 21st Century. Washington DC. 
• Graphic Designer, New Home Media, Lorton, VA. 
constructed environmental branding for businesses & residential communities. Designed interior & exterior signs.

Designer and customer service, In focus printing, Springfield, VA

• Graphic Designer/Junior Project Manager, Malaya Signs, Portland, Oregon 
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